Wondrous Wellington Advent Calendar
An epic illustrative adventure for the 'coolest little capital in the world' - Lonely Planet.
Comic Cover / HIGH WATER
A terrifying dramatisation of the slow creep of climate chance.
Animated Illustrations / THE BERRY BOYS
A WWI documentary one hundred years after the event can be a bit drab... Throw in some live music, animation and emotion and you've got The Berry Boys.
Cider Range / HARVARD
Rebranding Hard Cider as a challenging, bold and modern drink for a small American start-up.
Beer Launch / BOSSA NOVA
A fruit salad flavoured beer deserves a wild label to match.
Digital Graphic Novel / MOTH CITY
A digital-native graphic novel project covering art, branding and distribution with a cutting edge approach to storytelling.
T-Shirts / UMAMI v MECHA
These screen-printed t-shirts were part of the epic Umami Monster vs. Mecha-Hop twin beer launch, involving comics, posters, masks & limited edition screenprint art.
Beer Label Redux I / DEATH FROM ABOVE
Taking a popular beer label and spinning of a limited colour redux for canning? Yek, that's a scary brief.
Wrapped Beer / TOUCH WOOD
A limited edition, individually numbered, painted beer wrap packaging gig, for a very special Elderflower and Honey Tripel.
Beer Launch / UMAMI v MECHA
My favourite local brewery, Garage Project, commissioned me to design their launch for two new & contrasting beers; 'Umami Monster' & 'Mecha-Hop'. Best.Job.Ever.
Comics for Schools / SKYHIGH
A short comic I illustrated about our tunnelers in WWI. Mud & fire await.
Character Poster / MOTH CITY
This is a character poster for my Graphic Novel. It is a good example of the workflow I'm using accros the project.
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