Cider Range / HARVARD
Rebranding Hard Cider as a challenging, bold and modern drink for a small American start-up.
The dark side of beer can design - Lack of Faith.
Beer Launch / BOSSA NOVA
A fruit salad flavoured beer deserves a wild label to match.
Comic Cover / HIGH WATER
A terrifying dramatisation of the slow creep of climate chance.
Wondrous Wellington Advent Calendar
An epic illustrative adventure for the 'coolest little capital in the world' - Lonely Planet.
Taking a popular beer label and spinning of a limited colour redux for canning? Again?! Hell yeah.
Beer Label Redux I / DEATH FROM ABOVE
Taking a popular beer label and spinning of a limited colour redux for canning? Yek, that's a scary brief.
Wrapped Beer / TOUCH WOOD
A limited edition, individually numbered, painted beer wrap packaging gig, for a very special Elderflower and Honey Tripel.
440 Beer Cans / HOP TRIAL
The ultimate collab' experiment between beer and science - Hop Trial.
Animated Illustrations / THE BERRY BOYS
A WWI documentary one hundred years after the event can be a bit drab... Throw in some live music, animation and emotion and you've got The Berry Boys.
Logo Design / TWO TALES
Experiments in brand design for a horror comic project.
Beer Can / HAPI DAZE
A market & a new substrate called for a whole new design for this hopy, crisp craft beer from Wellington's Garage Project brewery.
Beer Launch / UMAMI v MECHA
My favourite local brewery, Garage Project, commissioned me to design their launch for two new & contrasting beers; 'Umami Monster' & 'Mecha-Hop'. Best.Job.Ever.
Digital Graphic Novel / MOTH CITY
A digital-native graphic novel project covering art, branding and distribution with a cutting edge approach to storytelling.
Comics for Schools / SKYHIGH
A short comic I illustrated about our tunnelers in WWI. Mud & fire await.
T-Shirts / UMAMI v MECHA
These screen-printed t-shirts were part of the epic Umami Monster vs. Mecha-Hop twin beer launch, involving comics, posters, masks & limited edition screenprint art.
Showreel / 2014 / Tim Gibson
A collection of video work from 2013 / 2014. Includes Motion Graphics, Direction & Animation.
Character Poster / MOTH CITY
This is a character poster for my Graphic Novel. It is a good example of the workflow I'm using accros the project.
Teaser Trailer / MOTH CITY
This is some animation and illustration I did for my indie graphic novel, sorta a teaser trailer. I was trying to combine the disparete elements and genres of the comic; Crime, the Orient, Kung Fu movies, Period and Pulp fiction and Art Deco design. Check out for more work.
Logo Design / MOTH CITY
This is logo I designed for my Graphic Novel, Moth City. The story is set in the 1930s orient, and the logo was created to evoke city structures, art deco design, and the silhouette of a moth. One of the driving characters of the novel, Governor McCaw, is an industrial tyrant/tycoon, who brands everything with an M.
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