BRIEF // As part of the Umami Monster and Mecha-Hop beer launch, Garage Project wanted to really explore the Kaiju world, from old marketing, sotytelling & posters. I designed these two-colour Screen Print shirts as a homage to old monster mags & the cut-away artwork I enjoyed as a child.
By using the tone & colour of the shirts themselves, I was able to get the most of only two colours; black & white inks.
The use of only black and white as colours, and the shirt providing the shifting 'third' element means that the prints work on a variety of different shirt stocks. This shirt has also been released with great success on a slate grey stock.
Components for screen-printing. Files like these are provided to the printer as high-res Tiffs or EPS files.
We really wanted to stay away from the 'Label on a shirt' effect that is traditional with brewery merchandise. Utilising the strengths of screen-printing to dynamically reveal the shirt underneath, we were not only able to avoid the dreaded ‘square of ink’ look but also able to achieve an organic silhouette that works on XLs and S shirts.
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