BRIEF // After the fun we all had on the Touchwood wrapped Elderflower Tripel, Garage Project wanted something even more special. A trip into the heart of the dark heart of the old South Pacific, the beer would feature coconut sugar, toasted coconut, roasted plantain, and be brewed using breadfruit and Tahitian vanilla.
With the story of the ill-fated HMS Bounty tying things together we decided to split duties with Flying Whities covering the exterior wrap, tap badge and gold motif illustration, and bringing on friend and Wellington illustrator Paul Tobin to provide some swarthy, golden age illustrations for the interior.
The beer featured a hidden gold foil, triple embossed interior label, a two-sided full-colour wrap, a gold sticker holding it all together and some beautiful custom hand burning and rough-upping from the brewery pack crew.
A true treasure map to the goodies inside.

The beautiful Mutiny on the Bounty in it's wrapped form - numbered and hand burned on a textured stock, with gold foil frontage.

The exterior wrap was true-to-period, reflecting the limited knowledge & exploration of the time, & provided a timeline and context for the journey of both the mutineers & the ship's surviving crew.

Care was taken to get the map's details accurate, including old-world spellings & coastlines.

The Interior label, gold foil with a triple emboss treatment. A hidden treasure.

Digital detail of the crest artwork, gold separated into 3 different heights.

Detail of one of the printer's plates.

Close up of the interior label, showcasing the foil and emboss work.

When we produced Touchwood for Garage Project we put the heavy illustrative work on the exterior of the bottle wrap, this time we wanted to play off the treasure map graphic and leave the artwork for those brave enough to explore the depths we go to. Paul Tobin did the lovely illustrations.

The stunning interior wrap art by Paul Tobin. Paul and I got to riff on our mutual love and admiration of the golden age illustrators like NC Wyeth and illustrated periodicals like 'Boy's Own'.

Detail of a spot illustration by Paul, showcasing the mutiny itself.

Detail from the main interior illustration.

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