BRIEF // Kiwi Comic Anthology, Faction Comics wanted to take artistic action on climate change, and tasked some of New Zealand's best comic artists to dramatise the hard science into evocative and thought-provoking stories. Editor Damon Keen approached me to produce the cover, for this their first foray into hardcover publications.
Given free rein, I sought to embed a sense of urgency and danger to the slow-creeping danger of global climate change.
"The cover of High Water blew us away. Tim responded incredibly creatively to the brief, bringing a tricky abstract issue into stark immediacy, while retaining a layered messaging, that rewards the more you think about it. This work completely satisfied - and exceeded - our expectations."
Damon Keen // Co-Editor of Faction Comics 
The final cover. The artwork was designed with generous bleeds, allowing the print to wrap around the cover.
Process GIF.
Some of the beautiful artwork that filled the books interior.
Print proofs.
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