BRIEF // In 2014 Flying Whities first label brief for Garage Project and Umami Monster and Mecha-Hop were unleashed at the Great Australian Beer Spectacular (GABS). In 2015 Garage Project approached us again to help them make a splash at GABS 2015 with their new wild-fermented, tropical IPA, Bossa Nova.
Inspired by the cacophony of tropical fruit flavours, Garage wanted to reference the South American music and style revolution of Bossa Nova jazz. Using bold colours, organic shapes and typography, plus scenic cues from Rio helped express the surprises in store for those brave enough to sample this very unique Indian Pale Ale.
Image courtesy of Craft Beerscapade
An unused t-shirt concept.
One of the New Zealand launch posters for Bossa Nova. It was launch around the country at various craft-centric bars, often with great music to match.
Tap badge design.
Process GIF
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