BRIEF // Another great beer, another design problem – beautiful existing art that couldn’t translate to printed cans.
Similar to Garage Project’s ‘Death from Above,’ ‘Pernicious Weed’ label art featured the hand-painted skills of Evan Purdie that were simply too complex for the current printing technology. The bottle and tap badge art would continue to feature Purdie's original art, but new cans released in 330ml and 440ml sizes would feature new artwork customised for printed cans, and give Flying Whities a chance to paint their own version of the hop monster invasion.
Using the original brief of 50’s monster movies and old pulps we conceptualised scenes that would best showcase the tone of the beer, as well as the full canvas of the cans themselves. The resulting design bumps the obligatory graphics to the top, and enables the scene to encompass the entire can, and seamlessly cycle around the can in the drinkers hand.
As always, we couldn’t help but add in lots of cultural gags and in jokes for the Garage Project boys.
Original bottle artwork by Evan Purdie.
Initial concept sketches focused on classic monster and alien tropes and making the best use of width of the can.
Animated step by step process of the can design. Care was taken to make best use of both can sizes, 330 and 440 ml.
Revised typography, inspired by original bottle design. now in three, flat colours.
Final can artwork.
330ml product shot, produced by Andrew Martis, additional design by Ben Johnston.
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